Tess Devinger picture
Tess Devinger
Carlie Lepore picture
Carlie Lepore
Vice President
Brooke Smith picture
Brooke Smith
Allison Wertheim picture
Allison Wertheim
Bethany Orman picture
Bethany Orman
Member Educator
Alice Purdy picture
Alice Purdy
Personnel Chair
Valerie Babchuk picture
Valerie Babchuk
Recruitment Chair
Janelle Dean picture
Janelle Dean
Panhellenic Delegate
Sydney Drew picture
Sydney Drew
Director of Marketing
Jennie Collins picture
Jennie Collins
Director of Friendship/Social
Angela Collins picture
Angela Collins
Director of Sisterhood
Sara McGovern picture
Sara McGovern
Director of Campus Activities
Audrey Sjahfiedin picture
Audrey Sjahfiedin
Director of Career Development
Lorrin Alexander picture
Lorrin Alexander
Foundation Ambassador
Haley Berner picture
Haley Berner
Anna Hershberger picture
Anna Hershberger
Facility Manager
Kristen Kummen picture
Kristen Kummen
RIF Chair
Brooke Bloom picture
Brooke Bloom
Recruitment Team Member
Juliette Mudd picture
Juliette Mudd
Recruitment Team Member
Megan Townsend picture
Megan Townsend
Recruitment Team Member
Mary Millsaps picture
Mary Millsaps
Personnel Advisor
Sue Gentry picture
Sue Gentry
Scholarship Advisor
Sue Gentry picture
Sue Gentry
New Member Advisor
Kelsey Long picture
Kelsey Long
Forms and Records Advisor
Jessica Miller picture
Jessica Miller
Cardinal Cabinet Advisor
Kelsey Long picture
Kelsey Long
Financial Advisor
Alexandra Mull picture
Alexandra Mull
Ritual Advisor
Gina Curl picture
Gina Curl
Other Advisor